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A stalker who was obsessed with her colleague changed her name and pretended they were married.

Ray Israel-Wilkinson dedicated 104 love songs to Alex Wilkinson on Twitter and waited outside his office with signs.

A court heard they met while employed at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

But Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard after she left the department she contacted him and insisted on a face-to-face meeting.

MyLondon reports Mr Wilkinson had found that unusual as they had established no “meaningful relationship” during their time at the office.

He later discovered she had created social media pages dedicated to him.

Her Twitter account, with the profile name ‘Alexander Wilkinson is my King (Wilko’s Ray), attracted early 5,000 followers and claimed GCHQ had prevented the two from being together.

The bio on the account reads: “Please help my @alexwilko85 contact me.

“He is forced by evil souls to ostracise me. He loves me as much as I love him, My Wilko is unhappy. Please.”

Another tweet from January of last year said: “I’m still looking for my Alexander Wilkinson.

“Can anyone please help me get him back. I want to touch his face and tell him that he is made of stardust.

“Isn’t that crazy? I want to tell him that all the electrons in his body are spread over a probability distribution. My Wilko.”

The court heard she also changed her surname from Sultan to Israel-Wilkinson to suggest they were married and appeared outside his office on numerous occasions.

Mr Wilkinson, who was concerned about her behaviour, found LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram accounts created by her focused on an obsession with him.

Her LinkedIn contains frequent pleas to have her reunited with her “Wilko”, with her bio reading:

“Wife of Alex Wilkinson. Economist. The spooks spy on me as a person of ‘intelligence value’ so I’ve stopped being intelligent until they return my husband to me.

“Until then, I’m offline so I will NOT READ your messages.”

She also began writing him frequent emails which claimed she was homeless and spoke about gangs trying to turn people into “cute dogs ”.

After becoming increasingly concerned, the senior civil servant began changing his routines to avoid coming into contact with his stalker.

She was arrested for harassing Mr Wilkinson, but continued to breach her bail conditions by arriving at his office with banners.

In May last year, she had sat outside his office on Parliament Street with a homemade placard which read ‘Waiting for my Wilko’.

She was eventually sectioned in hospital in August 2021 and continued to send Mr Wilkinson emails.

Since being detained, Westminster Magistrates Court heard she has begun medication and treatment for her mental illness and a custodial sentence would not be appropriate given her condition.

Sentencing her to a hospital order, District Judge Colin Witcher said: “You were convicted in this matter of stalking without fear of violence and the case makes deeply unattractive reading.

“Emailing him, posting about him on social media, attending outside his place of work and it continued even in breach of your police bail when you returned with a banner.

“The conduct went on and on and I make it absolutely plain that but for the medical reports, this would have been a Category A offence and I would have had no hesitation in sending you to prison.

“The impact caused great distress and there is evidence before me that he changed his lifestyle.”

After reading “detailed medical reports”, the judge decided that whilst a prison sentence would not be beneficial, a sentence in the community would “not deal adequately with the public’s safety”.

Israel-Wilkinson, of Milton Keynes, was handed an indefinite hospital order under Section 37 of the Mental Health Act and made the subject of an indefinite restraining order.